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Puncturing the utopian myth of progress

June 22, 2010

Have been spending lots of time trying to find out about people who are investigating the Olympics in different ways. Hilary Powell seems to be the doyenne of 2012 art. Her work investigates the transformation of the Olympic park and the surrounding area.

It aims ‘to give voice to the smaller stories, miniscule myths and histories of the area that examine, intervene in and puncture the utopian myth of progress inherent in the Olympic development – counteracting tabularasa urbanism and questioning the dystopian reality of such visionary projects.’

Over the past few years she has made a satirical film called The Games, staged a festival of films about the Olympic Site and started ‘Pudding Mill River’ a food label for preserves and drinks made from available foodstuffs on the Olympic site. She has also started a fringe forum Salon de Refuses Olympiques (but I can’t find a link to a site – it has something to do with Space Studios).

There’s lots more to read about her work and reactions to the Olympics in this paper ‘Olympic Sports, Spirits and Stories (pdf)’.

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