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Watching Ourselves

July 1, 2010

Image taken from Le Gun Magazine (Published in Hackney)

From my notebook today. Getting somewhere.

The Olympics are a moment for us to look at ourselves. They shine a spotlight on what happens when a city is rebuilt, the diplomatic relations between nations and the gap between a city’s brand and what it’s like to live in. The Olympics champions perfection and improvement but inevitably the world can only come up short. The benefits of transformed cities are impossible to share equally. The politics and culture of nations are impossible to separate from the field of play. The interests of commerce and brands jar with an event that belongs to the whole of humanity. When we watch the Olympics, we aren’t watching sport, we are watching ourselves.

That’s why these projects will be really interesting. That’s why Radio 4 are doing this series. And I think that’s what what I am interested in blogging about and why I changed the strapline at the top of the page to ‘what the olympics mean to us’.

A picture of somebody looking at something is often more telling than the thing they are looking at.

Le Gun

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