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Document, Comment, Organize.

July 21, 2010

The blurb text that came with the London 2012 Olympic brand said that the games were going to be ‘everyones’.  I can’t find a link to it now – but I’ve posted an old screen grab here anyway. The Cultural Olympiad was supposed to be how this would happen. Yet much of the cultural programme seems to be about laying on free entertainment, wrapping up things that are already happening as an ‘Olympic Celebration’ and commissioning major artists to do big projects. There are also loads of competitions (make a film, meet a mascot, write an essay etc etc) that people, particularly young people can enter.

Maybe this does count as ‘everyone’s’. But maybe it doesn’t.

I’m not sure that these projects give people any power over the Olympic story & what the games can be, which seems a bit of a shame. Part of the reason for this blog and the projects it documents is to give young people some kind of power over how the Olympics happens to them and make that a positive experience. It’s also about trying to find other people, projects and activity that’s doing that too.

These activities fit into three categories of work – document, comment and organise. They are basic human impulses, tactics, for taking some control of the world around you.

Document – projects and people who are unofficially telling the story of the games. That’s people who upload photos of the Olympics on the we – right through to the British Library’s big push to archive the Olympics.
 The first category of tasks in the make a report section of this site fit here.

Comment – projects, protests and people that somehow offer a criticism, a mark or a learning experience as a result of the Olympic games happening. Her art fits in here.

Organise – projects and things that people will be able to organise because the Olympics is happening. A bit vague I know. Struggling to explain what I mean here.

I’m going to try and use these three mental dustbins a bit more to collect things that are happening around the games and er try and elaborate on them a bit further.

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