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master the olympics – answer these questions.

September 5, 2010

I didn’t start blogging with much of a plan but I think in hindsight this is what I have been blogging about so far. On Wednesday we are having a big meeting of all the people invovled in Biglop – I’m hoping that we are going to be able to come up with a way of reorganising the report bit of the blog so that it kind of corresponds with these questions.

(i) Who benefits from the Olympics?
You can only buy a ticket for the games with a visa cardThe Olympic Act 2006 gives the police powers to enter private residences

(ii) What are the Olympics changing?
a ride on the javelin train to the olympic parkPeter Marshall’s photos of the Lea Valley since 1982Hillary powell’s Olympic art projects
Stephen Gill’s archaeology in reverse

(iii) Where is the beauty in the Olympics?
blind footballOlympic Oral HistoriesShin Kicking at the Cotswold’s OlympicsRobert Rauschenberg’s Olympic PosterKon Ichikawa

(iv) How are we connected to the Olympic athletes?
the black power salute

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