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Ticket Prices

October 19, 2010

Originally i though that there were different prices of tickets for men and woman. But I think I misread the table. There are nonetheless, different prices for watching men and watching women – e.g. football.

Some marked events have special prices for under 16s and over 60s – under 16s pay their age in pounds and over 60s pay £16. But these tend to be for the kind of rounds will probably fail to sell out anyway. The best event I can see on these is for the final of the trampoline. More typical is the preliminary round of the Hockey.

Now here’s the rub. Nowhere have I seen an official full explanation of how many of the 8.8million tickets are available at what price. The email I received from London 2012 is a bit like the beginning of a GCSE maths question. It claims that

90% of tickets at or below £100
2/3rds of tickets at or below £50
2.5million at or below £20

These are pretty vague figures. If there are 8.5 million tickets available this means

90% of tickets are at or below £100
66% of tickets are at or below £50
30% of tickets are at or below £20

Why couldn’t they just put it like that? Maybe because it would start to sound as confusing as it’s supposed to be.
The ‘at or below’ phrase is vague too. Read one way 39% of the tickets could be £100 or over, 35% at £50 and and 29% at £20 – sounds alot worse.

Glancing down the sheet I think what this all this basically means is that if you want to go to preliminary round of a less popular sport it will cost about £20, for a later round £30 and for a final £50. You’ll pay more for more popular sports and for better seats.

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