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The (other) worlds in a city

November 24, 2010

According to the GLA, in the 2001 Census London residents listed 243 countries outside the UK (pdf) as their country of birth.
The Olympics 2012 Olympics will have 205 competing nations
The UN only officially recognises 192 nations – (quiz yourself)

This doesn’t makes sense so I emailed my friend who knows about these things, and this is what he said.

It’s very simple, I think: there will be overseas territories (OSTs) and the like (Isle of Man, Norfolk Island, etc.) who willl likely have their own team separate from their owner country, plus Kosova, Ingushetia and Western Sahara might have their own teams. In terms of Londoners, it will be combination of awkward Scots/Welsh, Somalis who go for Puntland or Somaliland over Somalia, Sudanese who specificy Southgern Sudan and the afore-mentioned OSTs (Montserrat, for example, is part of the UK, but my friend would not call himself British).
I’m going to check this as soon as I have time to pour through those tables.


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