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Chaz arrives in Hackney

December 16, 2010

The blue thing in the middle of the picture is Chaz (pronounced ‘shaz’ – she’s a girl). Chaz is a puppet. I met her in Hackney on Monday. She will journey accross London as a part of the Biglop programme.

There are 16 other puppets like her (and bigger) in different places around the UK – Echoing the coming together of nations in the Olympics the plan is for them to converge on Hackney in 2012 for a sort of puppet summit bringing together all the stories they have collected from towns and cities accross the UK. Much of the world already lives in Hackney so it seems like the right place – according to the 2001 census 164 different countries from around the world have 10 or more people living in Hackney.

The puppets and their journeys are part of the Imagination Our Nation project which is also part of the biglop programme. The puppets are cared for by young people and seem to be quite involved in their communities – it makes more sense when you see their facebook pages. Here is chaz‘s. And her twitter.

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