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when sport just equals money

December 17, 2010

Will it be Tottenham or West Ham that take over the Olympic Stadium? Wary that their plan to demolish the current Olympic athletics stadium and build a football ground from scratch (what on earth happened to the greenest games ever?) will not fulfill promises to support the legacy of the games for British athletics, Tottenham are now proposing to rebuild the Crystal Palace athletics stadium as part of their bid (due for submission to the Olympic Park Legacy Company on January 21st). The Tottenham bid has no social, environmental or sporting case. Even the Tottenham fans don’t seem to want it. But while the future business model for Premier League football is based on selling shirts and tv rights in Asia (and then probably Africa) Tottenham will always look like a better financial prospect than West Ham. The pessimist in me sees this as part of a wider process of big Premier League clubs uprooting and becoming part of an international touring super premier league – completely separate from the communities that football clubs came from. If it doesn’t matter which part of London Spurs play in now, then maybe in 10 or 20 years it won’t matter which part of the world they play their football – and then, maybe just then – West Ham will get back what was probably rightfully theirs. heh. Maybe.

If Tottenham win then sport in this instance is purely, completely and totally about money and nothing else. Lets hope it doesn’t stand for the Olympics as a whole.

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