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legend of Olympic movie making dies

January 5, 2011

Bud Greenspan died on Christmas Day. He made 16 Days of Glory – the official film of the 1984 Los Angoles Olympics. There’s a great article in the NYT about him. From what I have read and watched he seems to have ignored the controversies and politics that surround the Olympics and focused on stories of human courage (not just winning). I’m pasting in a few clips here which should give you a flavour. They’re both from 16 Days of Glory. The first one shows David Moorcroft – the then 5,000 metre world record holder finishing last in the final. There’s also some great footage of him watching telly with his wife and child and sitting on a bench in Coventry. The second shows London 2012 supremo Sebastian (now Lord) Coe winning the 1500 metres as his rival Steve Ovett gets stretchered off – a bit weird. Greenspan made 9 other official Olympic Films and countless documentaries and unofficial films.

Beware there are slo-mo shots of tiny running shorts in this one.

FYI – the Official Olympic Film of Beijing 2008 was called Everlasting Flame and was directed by someone called Yun Gu – I can’t find it anywhere . If the trailer’s anything to go by – it’s pants.

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