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MPs Angry

January 19, 2011

Don’t forget to listen to 5Live tomorrow..

I was going through my google news feeds and I noticed that Rushnara Ali the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow is angry about the Olympics:

Only last week I received a letter from Mulberry school for girls, my former secondary school, from pupils working on a project about the Olympics and the changes to the marathon route. A year and a half before the games they feel “taken advantage of and ignored”. And, far from feeling excited and energised by the games, they are setting up a petition to fight the route change. Faith groups like Victoria Park Baptist Church have also told me that the area’s diversity has been ignored.

She’s also angry about the lack of local people employed on the construction site and idea that Tottenham Hotspur might take over the stadium. Interestingly she also name-checks the Inspire Video which the London bid team used so successfully to promote their bid – we have also used that video in the past to explain why some of our work is like it is. It was made by Daryl Goodrich who went on to make a film about the future of education. I think we should find him and get his take on the video and the expectations it raised.

For more angry MPs see Diane Abbott & David Lammy.

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