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Report Back: Photograph something from an Olympic country in your home: Taiwan

February 1, 2011

The Olympics brings all the nations of the world together in one city. But for many of us the world already comes together in our homes – in the food cupboard, in the wardrobe and in the lounge. So photograph something from an Olympic competing country in your home. Take one close up photo of the label or the words that identify it, and take another photo so you can see the whole thing. I’m worried that this could be a bit too easy. So, I would say two things (1) you can do as many of these as you like (2) try and do a country that hasn’t been done already – there is a list of country’s already covered on the report back page, under the task description. When you email your two pictures to, make sure to include some details about the items. So here I have photographed an old brown jacket, which I bought in a vintage clothing shop a a few years ago. I reckon it might be about thirty years old (things ‘Made in Taiwan’ are clearly not low quality!). On the other-side of the label it confusingly says ‘100%  Cow/Split Hide, 100% Acrylic’.

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