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Lord Bates = Massive Legend. We are not worthy!

April 5, 2011

Today Kim, Joe and I went to see Lord Bates in the House of Lords to find out about his efforts to get anyone who will listen, to take the Olympic Truce seriously.

The Olympic Truce, for those of you who don’t know, is a truce which has been backed by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly every year since 1993. It requires that member states pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation in the run up to and after the games.

Olympic host nations, who traditionally bring the truce to the UN, have tended to treat the it as a symbolic statement rather than a binding  commitment to global peace during the games. This tends to suit Organising Committees who just want to get on with staging a mega event on time and to budget and the IOC who are reluctant to see the Olympics being drawn into politically controversial territory. Meanwhile wars and conflict carry on.

But Lord Bates thinks that we should try harder and has been tirelessly lobbying LOCOG and government for the last 18 months to do something about it. He wants David Cameron  to declare that the government will take the truce seriously and to personally travel to New York to propose the Truce Resolution to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

With all conventional approaches (debates in the lords, 100 of meetings, Bono) to achieving this aim now exhausted, Lord Bates is poised to take desperate measures. On April 17th, armed with his ipad2, he is flying to Mount Olympus in Athens and he is going to WALK back to the Houses of Parliament, visiting cities and places which have been touched by conflict along the way. He figures that this is the only way he can make the government listen.

There aren’t enough people in the world who believe that the Olympics can stand for something better and are willing to do something about it, but Lord Bates is definitely one of them and we massively salute him and will be eagerly following his progress!

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