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Reenact a moment from Olympic history.

May 19, 2011

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, which is daft as there is much to blog about. I’ve made contact with someone who coached the dream team, I’ve visited Punchdrunk’s Space Invaders Agency underneath Waterloo Station  and we’ve been planning the School of Research as a part of biglopfest.. So much to do.

And the other news is that task 3  is starting to take on a life of it’s own.  Rolling Sound offer their re-enactments… I know that it’s the taking part that counts, but I couldn’t help giving marks out of six and adding my comments. Starting with the worst, moving on to the best, here we go…


These are supposed to be iconic moments. I don’t recognise this one. Solid poses but they could have done something about the background – and they should wipe those smiles off their faces. 1.2/6


This is Kelly Homes winning one of her gold medal’s in 2004 isn’t it. I remember this one. Great hand gesture from the supporting actor but his face lacks the wist of defeat. The person playing Kelly looks less like she’s wrapped in the ecstasy of victory and more like she’s going to grab me and eat me. Good choice of photo though. 1.7/6


This one has been submitted a bit small which makes it hard to judge (I’m thinking it might be Carl Lewis at Atlanta 96?), but I really like the photoshop skillz on show here. And the pose of the athlete is as true to the original as you could wish. A step up 3.2/6


Hmm. I feel like these actors know that they’re goofing around here and aren’t taking this seriously enough (those skaters could have been seriously hurt) but you can’t get away from the fact that they’ve put saucepans on their heads. 3.7/6


Ok, I really feel like we’re approaching the business end of these submissions now. This is a proper location here, with some really ethereal use of light to boot. The choice of costume really echoes the weightlifters. And you know what,  this is actually the first photo where I feel like I’m getting some convincing emotion from the actor. Has she won? has she lost? I don”t care, I feel her pain. Look at the size of those dumbells she just hoiked onto her shoulders.  Wow. I just sense this person knows about training and works out – I know that she knows what it means to the weightlifter. This is Olympic. 5.1/6


Oh dear. After melting over the weightlifter I feel like I’ve copped out by choosing this one as technically it’s obvious that it’s just not as good. But I dunno. Not only have they chosen implements that curiously resemble those used by curling contestants in the 1920s but they  also happen to be the implements of office cleaning and polishing – the hoover, the mop, the brush etc So ingenious, so accurate. I feel a bit sad that they didn’t do anything about the hats though. To score really well in this game I need to believe that if you were renacting a scene from the ancient Olympics you would be doing it as they did – naked. I’m not getting that sense of commitment here – which I’m afraid leaves us well short of a perfect six. 5.2/6

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