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More re-enactments

May 24, 2011

Some more iconic re-enactments here, this time from the AND office. Using photoshop in these re-enactments is like the whip in horse raceing – over-use it and you could get disqualified. So, mad skillz as they are, I have relegated the photo-shopped ones to the bottom of the post. These are technically my colleagues here but they need to remember that I’m the judge, so I’ll do what I want. Starting with the worst, moving to the best….


This is a high-grade mass particpation effort, with an impossible camera angle but a bit of fail on the fascinators. Also they seem to have failed to notice that there is a bloke in their original photo. What is going on here? I don’t understand so I’m punishing you – 2.1/6


If you rest a pencil on the screen along the line of arms of the man pretending to be Torville here and then slide it across to the real Torville, you’ll see that they aren’t correctly aligned. But otherwise this is pretty smoking and a genuine bone fide recognisable Olympic moment.  4.8/6


Woh. Pose, composition, grace. And the blue shawl in the last photo has made another ingenious comeback. Respect  to the players here for being properly in costume too, but i feel like they could have rubbed in some hair gel for that shimmering wet look. 5.0/6


Keen observers will have noticed a clear H2O theme in these photos. What is that about? I don’t know. But I do know that this is probably as strong as reenacting the Olympics gets. Admittedly the addition of some speedos might have made it more real,  but the face-to-carpet commitment on show here is a worthy tribute to the iconic boy Olympian

5.3 /6

Disqualifications for over-use of photoshop whip.

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