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iconic moments/poses III

May 27, 2011

Still no time to discuss the route of the torch relay, I’ve got people to judge. This is another entry from a new direction who continue to ignore my request for iconic Olympic moments to indulge their twin obsessions with water and photoshop. How can this be iconic? There aren’t even people in the seats behind her. Hmmm… I suppose you could say that this was an iconic pose… hmm I think I see now – aghh. I misunderstood my own exercise. Fair game, I understand now. But would still contend whether this was an iconic pose – I mean she looks like she’s, err, well use your imagination..

Now stop. And look at this.

For all my misgivings about the choice of photo, I commend  the expert positioning of the arms here and the even a cursory effort has been made at the toes. But there’s no hiding from the fact that the legs aren’t really all there – which is clearer in the photoshop rendering below.

This mid air high-hurdling look does look cool though. 4.5/6

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