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Proof rioters were all privelaged brats. We can all go home now.

August 12, 2011

So Chelsea Ives is an Olympic ambassador. So what?

I find something slightly distasteful about the ‘outing’ of the rioters. Most of it seems to be motivated by a desire to paint the rioters as privileged, ungrateful deviants – why? Because this makes it much easier for them to be morally condemned for their actions. It makes it easier for people who aren’t upper or middle class to make this not-about-them. And it makes it easier for middle class people to get past the idea that they know nothing about life in the city for young people and judge the rioters as their own. It means other generations owe young people nothing. It means the riots had nothing to do with schools, town-planning or the hugely divided city in which we live. Wiley gets it. It’s like everyone is rolling the football a few feet in front of them so they can good kick at it. The riots came from somewhere. They didn’t happen in the Cotswolds. Read Stanley Cohen people.

Nicking trainers from JD, is a crime committed in the pursuit of an imaginary status that nobody with real power really believes in. I don’t know what that means, but I know that it’s more than just people should be punished for doing bad things.

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