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Report Back.

File one of these 5 reports and I’ll blog it. These exercises borrow heavily from Miranda July’s Harrell Fletcher’s Learning to Love you More and  Keri Smith‘s How to be an explorer. They are brilliant. I have a lot more where these came from – if you’re super keen you can look at this where I have roughly divided them up according to how long they will take to do.

1. Interview someone who has experienced winning
Find somebody who has won something and interview them. What does it take to be better at something than everybody else? What was it that motivated them to be a champion? Did they want people to fancy them? Did they want to please their parents? What does it feel like to win? Did they have to force themselves to practice – how did they do it? What did they give up to be a winner? The interview can be as long or short as you like, but it will be easier for you if you keep it short. You are free to make up the questions. Be serious about writing down the interviewee’s words. You may have to record them on your phone to get their words exactly right. Send your interview to

2. Make a field guide for your street
Take a white piece of card, go out into your street and look for things living and dead. When you find them, place them on the white card and take a photograph. Make sure that the white card is the only thing in the background. Take five photographs. When you submit your photographs, include the name of the street they are from and the date you took the photos. Email your five photos to

Field Guides:

Overbury Road, N15
Malden Road, NW5
Anon, SE12

3. Re-enact an event from Olympic history
Re-stage a moment from Olympic history. The event can be from Olympic sporting competition, or from a controversy that took place at the time of the games. Find a picture or a frame from a video to base your re-enactment on. Be as accurate as possible e.g. if the moment took place outdoors, take your photo outdoors. Include the event and the date it took place. Take a photo of it – email it to

4. Find something from an Olympic nation in your home
The Olympics brings all the nations of the world together in one city. But things that come from all over the world already surround us in our food cupboards, wardrobes and bedrooms. Find something from an Olympic nation in your home. Send two photographs – one of the identifying labeling and one of the whole item to Include some details about it.


1. Taiwan

5. Judge new building work
Find a construction site or a half-built building. Photograph it. Try and fit some of the surrounding area into the frame, so we get a sense of what kind of area this building is in. Do not trespass. Send your photo to In you email be sure to say what the new building is, what it is replacing, whether it is a good thing and why.

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