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Season of Radio 4 programmes about London

June 29, 2010

Radio 4 are about to do a fortnight of 13 programmes about London.

The season, London – Another Country?, will examine the capital’s place in modern Britain and the world and whether it is representative of the United Kingdom or feels like a different country altogether.

Programmes will investigate the contemporary experience of Londoners and the City’s impact on the rest of the UK. The season will explore London’s diversity, architecture, languages and food and also uncover some remarkable human interest stories. There will be an assessment of the week in July 2005, when London experienced the euphoria of winning the Olympics, followed almost immediately by the 7/7 bombings.

I will be listening to them all. The series begins at 8pm this Saturday with a ‘The Summer that Changed London‘ a retrospective look at Summer 2005  (repeated 3pm on Monday). Many of the themes raised in this season echo those in the schools projects.

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